Getting started
A license key gives you access to the online course. You can purchase the license key online and activate your course. Valid for one year after activation.

Getting started:
- Click on the icon ‘Academy’ in the bar above (next to Home).
- Select the course in the course overview.
- Click on ‘Sign in’ or if you are new ‘Create an account’ once.
- Once signed in click on ‘Purchase’ and follow the on screen instructions or if you already have a license key, activate it right here.
- You can start immediately every next visit when you are signed in.

The first time
When you activate the course there will be three sections available shown as icons. The Theory (Book icon), Knowledge test (Brain icon) and the Simulation (Hand icon). Check your results to see your actual status, when you are certified you will see a green label on top of the course. The last icon (course information) provides your certificate when you are done with the course.