Basic Life Support (BLS) - NRR guidelines

3 components
This course covers the adult Basic Life Support. You will learn how to recognize a cardiac arrest, and how to respond. You will learn when, and how, to perform CPR, and how to use the AED. This course takes you step by step through the algorithm and explains with video instructions how to perform the actions. This course is based on the guidelines of the Dutch Resuscitation Council (NRR).

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The theory contains the course content. Going through the theory contributes 10% to your total result.
6 chapters
The knowledge test contains a set of questions about the theory. You can start the knowledge test multiple times. Your highest result counts. The knowledge test contributes 40% to your total result.
Interactive test
You'll be tested on the steps you take when the victim becomes unwell. This interactive video will contribute 50% to the end result.